Intel® Cloud Builders Guide Intel® Xeon® Processor-based Servers Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX Blade Server and Cloud Infrastructure Management Software (CIMS) with VMware vSphere

Executive Summary
Cloud computing is establishing itself in the business world – much faster than any other previous technological development. Why is that? Because it offers high scalability and helps enterprises quickly adjust their existing business models and introduce new ones to meet business changes. At the same time, IT organizations see cloud computing as a way to escape from the ty...pical IT dilemma calling for reductions in investments and operating costs while also demanding higher service quality and better business support through innovations.

Fujitsu Dynamic Cloud is the logical further development of the Dynamic Infrastructures strategy. Based on that strategy, Fujitsu has developed customer centric solutions, which enable to use cloud computing in your enterprise in ways that are easy and already have pre-integrated and tested infrastructures. Fujitsu offers everything from a single source so that customers can develop and implement IT strategies that seamlessly integrate various provisioning models, meaning their business is supported flexibly and efficiently according to their needs. Fujitsu Dynamic

Cloud is the most cost-effective and flexible model offered by Fujitsu for provisioning information technology and IT services. Based on our lean IT concept, Fujitsu was the first IT vendor to develop a comprehensive portfolio known as Dynamic Infrastructures that integrates the standardization of technology and services and includes dynamic use of resources. Today Dynamic Infrastructures is a comprehensive portfolio that integrates the standardization of both technology and services. When compared with individually customized IT solutions and services, it is clear that standardization delivers even more customer benefits. IT standardization means more reliability, quality, and lower costs, plus the use of tested processes and tools with a high quality assurance.

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