Cloud Security Insights for IT Strategic Planning

Intel’s IT Manager Survey on Cloud Security

Why you should read this document:

This report describes key findings from a survey of 200 IT professionals that can help you plan security into your cloud initiatives, including the following:
• Protecting platform and infrastructure resources are top concerns.
• Security plays... a foundational role in the decision to implement a private cloud.
• Nearly half of the overall organizational investment in cloud initiatives is security related.
• Security drives outsourcing decisions.

The issue of cloud security is keeping many IT managers from fully embracing the cloud—even with large potential savings in infrastructure costs and improved business flexibility. With Gartner predicting an acceleration of cloud computing in the enterprise we wanted to find out how IT professionals are addressing the challenges of cloud computing, especially the issue of security. We surveyed 200 IT professionals about a wide variety of cloud topics, including the key business and technology drivers behind their implementation plans, the importance of security in determining how the cloud is implemented, and their level of investment in security as part of cloud initiatives.

The results of our survey are detailed in this report. The goal is to provide you with data that can serve as a benchmark for how your peers are approaching cloud security, so that you can use it in your own IT planning efforts.

Read the full Cloud Security Insights for IT Strategic Planning Report.

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