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Editor’s Pick: How IT Consumerization Affects Product Design


How Consumerization of IT Affects Product Design

How Consumerization of IT Affects Product Design

Employees are bringing high expectations to work. Modern, feature-rich form factors now deliver all the functionality users need with the personalized design and style they want—why shouldn’t they use those devices for work? This Editor’s Pick from Computerworld explores the impact of IT consumerization on corporate technology, and how both CIOs and IT must balance employee wants with business needs.

“This level of choice for end-users creates some challenges for IT,” explains Paul D’Arcy, executive director for Dell's Public and Large Enterprise business. “As the number of devices managed by the IT organization continues to rise, so does the time and resources required to manage and maintain these devices. In many instances the practical challenges of managing an increasing variety of devices, operating systems and set-up is leading to resistance from the IT department to allow the use of alternative devices.” What’s next? For CIOs and IT professionals, it’s about finding a balance between employee choice and expectations and practical solutions for the business.

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