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Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework: Simplifying the Internet of Things

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Simplify the Internet with Intelligent Systems

The world is in the midst of a dramatic shift from an era of computers to one of computing. Today, billions of devices are poised to make more than a trillion connections, and in the process, generate enormous volumes of data.

A huge portion of the growth of “Big Data” comes from intelligent systems—machines that communicate with each other directly and through the cloud to make up what is called the Internet of Things.

The ultimate potential of the Internet of Things will be realized with the ability to derive value from data captured at every step in the system. Intel innovation simplifies the deployment of the Internet of Things and empowers customers to extract greater value from their data. The Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework is a set of interoperable solutions designed to address connecting, managing, and securing devices in a consistent and scalable manner. Intel® Intelligent Systems enables equipment manufacturers to shift their investments from achieving interoperability to unlocking the value of data.

The framework features:
• A consistent framework for connectivity, security, and manageability.
• Provides flexible recipes utilizing scalable, off-the-shelf elements.
• Enables vertical specialization.
• Shifts resource investment from interoperability to extracting value from data.

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