Bring advanced edge data analytics to vehicle telematics, faster

The On-Board Diagnostics-II (OBD-II) dongle with Intel® Atom™ x3-C3205RK processor is a solution that reflects the investment Intel has made in building a robust, application-ready end-to-end platform for transportation that allows new business to develop based on existing infrastructure. The On-Board Diagnostics-II (OBD-II) dongle is designed to collect data streams from an array of vehicle buses and securely aggregate, filter, and analyze that data in the vehicle, sending timely alerts as well as trend data to drivers, fleet managers, insurance companies, and even private vehicle owners. The Intel® Telematics Software Development Kit (SDK) will also be offered as part of this solution to the market.  The kit will allow businesses and developers to create cloud and secure edge apps without the hassle of creating middleware or design custom frameworks.

  • Telematics is changing driving forever. Bringing intelligence to the edge is the key to success.
  • The On-Board Diagnostics-II (OBD-II) helps those developing telematics solutions do so with great cost effectiveness, processing power, and versatility.
  • With the Intel® Telematics Software Development Kit, developers can quickly create robust telematics solutions that meet a wide array of requirements.
Industry Applications
  • Ideal for fleet management, transportation services, after-market telematics, usage-based insurance (UBI) and private owners

Where to Buy

Product availability beginning August 2016

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