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Enterprise Security: Network Devices

Comprehensive security across the datacenter and beyond.

Intel’s flexible processors and technology roadmaps have inspired a variety of network accelerator products that increase both performance and security. Based on Intel® architecture code compatibility, these adaptable and scalable appliances reduce the cost of protecting data assets in areas like:

  • Network monitoring
  • Content security
  • Application delivery
  • WAN acceleration

Protect the network core

Security appliances based on Intel® technology can be placed between network internal subnets, helping address targeted security attacks over the public Internet or internal extranets. These intra-network appliances must monitor traffic in two directions. Intel® processor technology maintains network performance at enterprise rates of 1 to 10 gigabits per link.

Secure content on the network

Intel® processors and technologies defend against content-based threats unchecked by traditional firewalls. Security solutions use deep packet inspection to detect breaches masquerading as legitimate application-layer traffic. Accelerators based on Intel® technology maintain throughput even as inspection workloads and business needs grow.

Deliver applications over the network

Two trends have increased enterprise WAN traffic. First, workforce mobility means more employees use WANs to access critical data, e-mail, and cloud-based applications. Secondly, data center consolidation continues to centralize resources, creating a hub-spoke system that can strain a WAN as it services more users.

High-bandwidth, low-latency accelerators based on Intel® QuickAssist Technology provide fast throughput with features that:

  • Accelerate packet processing for demanding applications
  • Scale to meet IT requirements—from the enterprise to small network appliances

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