Managing Virtualized Applications Performance


Enterprises continue to spend more and more of their IT budgets on securing their environment. Indeed, IDC data demonstrates double digit growth for IT security solutions and services in the recent past with accelerating growth forecasted over the next few years. The constant change in the nature of security threats poses a growing challenge to IT staff.

Failures in securit...y can have major impact, particularly when fines are levied for data breach or noncompliance of industry and regulatory controls. Enterprises are also fully aware of the impact of security issues upon brand degradation, customer attrition, and the potential loss of valuable intellectual property. Data loss prevention and endpoint security represent two of the areas in the security landscape that are of greatest concern and that are seeing the largest increases in budgets.

Many organizations are considering virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which centralizes the execution of users’ desktops in the data center, in order to address these concerns. But VDI comes with tradeoffs in user experience, productivity, cost, and flexibility that limit its applicability. An alternative approach is to use intelligent desktop virtualization (IDV), which combines the best end-point security with no compromises in user experience, productivity, cost, or flexibility.

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