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Intel® Celeron® Processor-Based Embedded Platforms: Brief

Product Overview
Based on 32nm process technology, Intel® Celeron® processors U3405, P4500, and P4505 feature power efficiency, integrated graphics, and Error Correcting Code memory on industry-standard x86 architecture. When paired with the mobile Intel® QM57 or HM55 Express Chipset, this integrated two-chip platform provides excellent graphics, memory, and I/O bandwidth to meet the requirements of a broad range of embedded applications, including retail and transaction solutions, gaming platforms, and industrial automation equipment. While incorporating advanced technology, these processors remain software-compatible with previous IA-32 processors.

The graphics engine is integrated into the processor, providing a two-chip solution with enhanced graphics performance compared with previous Intel® platforms. The memory controller hub is also integrated into the processor, providing faster performance and board real estate savings.

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