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Intel® P67 Express Chipset and Intel® Core™ Processors

Product Brief: Intel® P67 Express Chipset and 2nd Generation Intel® Core processors offer adaptive, powerful performance.

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Desktop Processors & Chipsets

See how Intel is reinventing the desktop experience and explore new desktop systems and products to find the right one for you.

Intel® 4 Series Chipset Family: Specification Update

Specification Update: Intel® 4 Series Chipset covers document changes, errata, specification changes, and clarifications.

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Intel® 5 Series Chipset, Intel® 3400 Series Chipset: Thermal Guide

Thermal and Mechanical Design Guide: Intel® 5 Series Chipset and Intel® 3400 Series Chipset.

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Intel® 6 Series Chipset/Intel® C200 Series Chipset: Datasheet

Datasheet: Intel® 6 Series Chipset and Intel® C200 Series Chipset covers configuration registers, signal descriptions, package information, more.

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Intel® 7 Series Chipset: Thermal Design Guide

Thermal and mechanical operating limits and reference thermal solutions for the Intel® 7 Series Chipset.

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Intel® 845 Chipset: 82845 MCH for SDR: Datasheet

Datasheet: Intel® 845 Chipset, 82845 Memory Controller Hub for SDR.

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Intel® 855GM/855GME Chipset Platform

Design Guide: Intel® 855GM/GME Chipset platform design, graphics, hub interface, I/O subsystem, routing guidelines and test signals.

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Intel® 855GM/GME Chipset Graphics and Memory Controller Hub

Spec Update, 2007: Intel® 855GM/GME Chipset Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) clarifications, changes, and documentation errata.

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Intel® 8/C220 Series Chipset Platform Controller Hub: Update

Update to the Intel® 8 Series Chipset Family Platform Controller Hub, including device and document errata, and spec clarifications and changes.

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