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Field-to-Cloud Technology Reduces Development Time

Eurotech’s Robert Andres explains field-to-cloud technology, including M2M stack creation and how the technology reduces development time and TCO.

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Mobile Communications M2M Day Resources

Resources: Mobile Communications M2M Day

How to Dry Out Phones, Cameras, Devices: Keep Them Moisture Free

Drying options and steps you can take that might get your electronic device working again if it has gotten wet.

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Intel® XMM™ 2130/2150: Brief

Brief: The Intel® XMM™ 2130/2150 series is based on 65 nm CMOS technology integrating a baseband, RF transceiver, power-management unit, and FM radio.

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Intel® XMM™ 2231: Brief

Brief: The Intel® XMM™ 2231, an integrated Android* platform, combines EDGE baseband and RF with audio, power management, Bluetooth* and FM radio.

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Low-Cost 3G Solution for Mobile Internet Browsing, Messaging

Brief: Bringing HSDPA modem capabilities to Web 2.0 applications, the Intel® XMM® 6160 enhances broadband mobile Internet browsing and messaging.

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Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework Simplifies Deployment

Intel’s Stefani Eisele explains how the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework enables data sharing between devices, reducing deployment efforts.

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Intel GmbH ISO 9001: 2008* DNV Certificate

DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate certifies that Intel Mobile Communications GmbH conforms to the ISO 9001:2008* standard.

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Mobile Wireless M2M: Value Proposition

Presentation of M2M market plan with value proposition, product portfolio, and roadmaps for cellular and mobile wireless markets.

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