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Server Migration: Transition to Intel® Technology-based Mission-Critical Solutions

Discover why and how to implement server migration from expensive, proprietary technologies to Intel®-based solutions for your mission-critical needs

Intel® Xeon® Processors and Intel® Itanium® Processors, and the open, standards-based computing solutions that build upon them are changing the face of mission-critical computing.  The latest offerings from Intel and our ecosystem partners bring to market new levels of scalable performance and mission-critical reliability, availability and serviceability.  The end-to-end solutions based on Intel processors offer economic advantages that make it not just attractive, but imperative to consider server migration to Intel-based solutions for your most mission-critical needs.

As you think through the strategic initiatives in your IT environment, this website will serve as a resource related to the key considerations for migrating including best practices, case studies, server migration tools and commentary from leading IT migration experts.  Additional content is available in our datacenter migration library.