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Intel(R) Server Board S1200BTLRM

Intel® RAID Solutions for Entry-Level Servers

The Intel® Server Board S1200BT is an exceptional cornerstone for building an entry-level server. It comes in several models including the RAID-optimized S1200BTLRM, which includes dual-NIC, integrated graphics and server management. It allows for a wide variety of Intel® RAID-based storage solutions ranging from embedded software RAID to modular intelligent hardware RAID.

The following sections highlight several alternatives for combining different Intel RAID solutions with the Intel Server Board S1200BT to meet diverse market needs.

Good: Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II (Software RAID)
Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology is host-based RAID that utilizes the chipset, processors, and memory of the server board to provide basic data protection. Intel Embedded RAID technology includes advanced technologies and world-class features that support up to six SATA drives. Host-based RAID 0/1/10 is included with all models of the S1200BT and is upgradeable to provide RAID 5 with the Activation Key AXXRAKSW5.

Better: Intel® Integrated RAID I/O Controller-based Modules (Entry HW RAID)
Three I/O controller-based options (six total modules) exist for Intel Server Boards depending on the form factor, RAID level, and number of add-in cards required for the server. For 1U optimization, the S1200BTLRM comes with a unique RAID module slot that allows for an extra add-in card. The S1200BTLRM’s standard slots are also wired to provide the “electronic handshake” needed for Intel’s new PCIe* slot modules.
• Intel® Integrated RAID Modules RMS2LL080/040: 1U optimized, RAID 0, 1, 1E
• Intel® Integrated RAID Modules RMS2AF080/040: 1U optimized, RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50
• Intel® Integrated RAID Modules RMS25KB080/040: 2U or pedestal, RAID 0, 1, 1E, or 1U with standard PCIe slots available

Best: Intel® Integrated RAID ROC-based Modules (Intelligent HW RAID)
The standard add-in card slots of model S1200BTLRM only of Intel® Server Board S1200BT can be used to install one of Intel’s new SAS 2.1 and SATA 3-capable RAID-on-Chip modules. These products are designed to perform parity generation (RAID levels 5/6/50/60) and RAID recovery operations, as well as advanced data, memory, and bus management.

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