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Casper VIA A6108* Smartphone with Intel Inside®

Casper VIA A6108* is the first Intel Inside® Smartphone in Turkey

The Casper VIA A6108 smartphone is particularly fast with its 2-GHz Intel® Atom™ processor, allowing you to browse the Web and multitask with the speed you've hoped for. With an in-plane switching (IPS) design LCD and the 8-MP camera you expect, phone envy will be a thing of the past.

Prestigio MultiPhone 5430

Intel® Atom™ 2-GHz Processor

A 2-GHz Intel® Atom™ processor with hyper-threading technology makes multitasking faster and easier.


9.1 mm (less than 3/8") Thin

White, simple, elegant, thin—a design you will not want to leave your hand.


Vivid photography with the Prestigio MultiPhone 5430

4.7" Screen

The colors come alive with the 720x1280 resolution and IPS design LCD. This highly accurate screen is designed to please.


8-MP Camera

Capture happy moments with LED flash, auto focus, a featured 8-MP rear camera, 1080p HD video, and the 1.3-MP forward facing camera.