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Smartphones with Intel Inside®

The company that revolutionized computing technology is now powering smartphones

Smartphones with the power of Intel Inside®

Now amazing technology that drives some of the world’s fastest computers is now enhancing your smartphone experience. Whether you’re watching an HD video in the park, or playing a game while waiting for a flight, smartphones with Intel Inside® give you the power you need to do amazing things anywhere.

The Benefits of Having a Smartphone with Intel Inside®

Lightening Fast Processor

Lightning fast processor

Finally your smartphone can keep up with you. The advanced Intel® processor inside these smartphones enables fast web browsing, super-responsive apps, and effortless multi-tasking so that enjoying the things you love to do has never been easier.

Stunning 8MP Camera

Stunning 8MP camera1

Now you can snap as many pictures as you want as fast as you want—up to10 pictures a second to be exact. The advanced HD camera also delivers stunning 1080p image and video quality in all kinds of conditions. And the advanced imaging software gives you more accurate facial recognition, zero shutter lag, low-light enhancement, and high dynamic resolution capabilities.

Vivid HD Video

Vivid HD video1

Your fun and entertainment needs have been brought to your smartphone, all in brilliant 1080p. It’s easy to create and share superb HD-quality video. And playback is super smooth so your phone becomes a personal theater you can take with you anywhere.

Jaw Dropping Graphics

Jaw dropping graphics

Let the jaw dropping graphics of the smartphone with Intel Inside® take you away.  Get sucked in by the incredibly crisp visuals for games and videos. Smartphones with Intel Inside® can also bring you 3D video for a rich, immersive online experience.

A powerful phone meets a powerful OS

A powerful phone meets a powerful OS

Smartphones with Intel Inside® run on the Android* OS, giving you access to hundreds of thousands of apps available to download in the Android Market.

Product and Performance Information


1. Feature available on select smartphones. Consult your manufacturer for more details.