Two Ways to Go All-In

Choose your preferred form of versatile, feature-packed All-In-One with Intel Inside®.

PC Power From Room to Room

A portable All-in-One powered by a 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor packages all your favorite devices into a sleek HD screen. It also comes with a built-in battery that lets you unplug and move to any room.

Multiple Tools. One Device.

An All-in-One powered by a 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor delivers the performance of a complete desktop system into one stylish device.

Power for Every Purpose

Increased Productivity

All-in-One PCs with Intel® processors offer space-saving designs, enhanced security, and more powerful performance, giving you the necessary tools to run your business smoothly in a fast-moving world.

Get more productive

Learning in Style

An All-in-One device with Intel Inside® serves as a powerful teaching tool that can help students learn with the use of interactive touch-screen apps and fun and instructive games.

Discover how


Better media editing performance vs. 5-year-old desktop1 2

Powerhouse Processing

Intel® Core™ processors break the boundaries of conventional computing with the All-in-One PC, streamlining an entire desktop system into an elegant, powerful device with the ability to create, stream, and share HD content. And with Intel's included security technology,3 you can work and play with more confidence.

Up to 66% better media editing performance vs. 5-year-old desktop1 2


Cord setup for instant work and play

Beautiful Inside and Out

All-in-Ones (AIO) run beautifully and keep your home looking just as good with their sleek, clutter-free design. The portable AIO takes innovation a step further and integrates the latest technologies of a large touchscreen tablet with a built-in battery so you can easily prop it up, lay it down, or unplug and move to any room in the house.


Display for captivating visuals

Swipe and Tap in HD

All-in-Ones with Intel® Core™ processors come equipped with premium HD touchscreens coupled with Intel® HD Graphics. You'll experience interactive games, media, and TV like never before. Reinvent family movie night, or get friends together to watch the big game. A new standard of fun has just been set.

Up to 27" displays for captivating visuals

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Explore Other Amazing Technologies

The 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor is packed with advanced features to boost productivity, 3D gaming, and creative potential.

Explore 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors

Watch, create, and edit captivating 4K video with Intel® HD Graphics, Iris™ Graphics, and Iris™ Pro Graphics.

Experience 4K quality

Get smoother multitasking, faster start-up times, and better management tools on a Windows® 10 device powered by Intel.

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Eliminating bottlenecks requires better storage memory that is fast, inexpensive, and non-volatile. With Intel® Optane™ technology, you can unleash the power of your processor instead of it working at a fraction of it.

Unleash the power of your processor

Product and Performance Information


HDXPRT* 2014, or the High Definition Experience & Performance Ratings Test, is a benchmark from Principled Technologies that measures Windows* media editing performance. HDXPRT has three usage case categories: Edit Photos, Convert Videos, and Edit Music. It uses mainstream media applications to test the performance of the system. Reported metrics: Overall score, edit photos, convert video, and edit music subscores. Scaling efficiencies: QSV enabled. OS support: Desktop Windows.
System configurations: Intel® Core™ i5-7600 Processor, PL1=65W TDP, 4C4T, Turbo up to 4.1GHz, Motherboard: ASUS* Z270, Memory: 2x4GB DDR4-2400, Storage: Seagate HDD, OS: Windows® 10 Build 1607
Intel® Core™ i5-2500 Processor, PL1=95W TDP, 4C4T, Turbo up to 3.7GHz, Motherboard: H67, Memory: 2x4GB DDR3-1333, Storage: Seagate HDD*, OS: Windows* 7


Software and workloads used in performance tests may have been optimized for performance only on Intel® microprocessors. Performance tests, such as SYSmark*, MobileMark*, and SPEC CPU are measured using specific computer systems, components, software, operations and functions.  Any change to any of those factors may cause the results to vary. You should consult other information and performance tests to assist you in fully evaluating your contemplated purchases, including the performance of that product when combined with other products. For more complete information about performance and benchmark results, visit


Intel® technologies' features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software, or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration. No computer system can be absolutely secure. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer or learn more at