For Security and Compression Acceleration


Improving Performance Across the Data Center

Intel® QuickAssist Technology improves performance and efficiency across the data center by offloading servers from handling compute-intensive operations.  

Server, networking, big data, and storage applications use Intel® QuickAssist Technology for:

  • Bulk cryptography: symmetric encryption and authentication, and cipher operations 
  • Public key cryptography: asymmetric encryption, digital signatures, and key exchange
  • Compression: lossless data compression for data in flight and at rest

By including Intel® QuickAssist Technology in your SDI environment, you can increase efficiencies for applications that use security and compression acceleration.

Intel QuickAssist Technology enables standard solutions with software enabled features that provide a foundation for security, authentication, and storage, while significantly increasing performance and efficiency.



Intel® QuickAssist Technology integrates hardware acceleration in Intel® Chipsets for widely used, compute-intensive algorithms. By offloading these operations to hardware accelerators, you can:

  • Reduce demands on the server
  • Support more secured clients
  • Use less CPU cycles

See how OpenSSL*, Intel® QuickAssist Technology, and NGINX* deliver asynchronous advantages for web servers.


Hardware-accelerating SSL with Intel® QuickAssist Technology frees up significant processor cycles to:

  • Encrypt information across networks
  • Offload compute-intense security protocols
  • Support more secure throughput

Find out how Intel® QuickAssist Technology and Intel® processors take BIG-IP* performance to new heights at F5 Networks.

Big Data

Intel® QuickAssist Technology compression and decompression acceleration reduces overall data size so it can be transmitted faster to:

  • Harness the value of big data by improving the performance of solutions like Hadoop*
  • Reduce demands on server processors
  • Get faster results

See faster Hadoop* run time results with Intel® QuickAssist Technology.


Intel® QuickAssist Technology accelerates the compression and depression process so large amounts of data can be transmitted faster and take up less storage space.

See how IBM and Intel are changing the dynamics of storage through improved storage efficiency.

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