Intel® Eco Application Note

Intel® Eco Application Note

Intel® Eco Application Note

Improving Energy Efficiency with Intel® Atom™ Processor

Every component in the car affects fuel consumption. Weight obviously has an impact since heavier parts require more energy to move. Perhaps less obvious is the fact that electrical components use fuel too. Even daytime running lights–a seemingly modest safety feature–have been shown in various studies to increase fuel consumption by a...s much as three percent.

This is a concern for automakers who must balance the demand for fuel-efficient, “green” cars with customer preference for vehicles that are loaded with electronic features, such as infotainment systems. Even though these features consume extra fuel, they add to a car’s value and can increase demand and profits.

The task then is to find ways to introduce strong computing performance and rich interactive applications in the car without significantly straining the power budget of the vehicle. Choosing hardware with very low total platform power consumption is important, because the greater the power consumption, the more fuel that will be needed to power the system.

But perhaps a more important consideration than power consumption is something called performance per watt (PPW). Consumers demand features that require strong computing performance, such as integrated navigation, video and graphics displays, voice recognition, and reliable Internet and device connectivity. And it takes a high performance computing system to deliver. It is important then for makers to seek a hardware platform that offers the maximum PPW, which is a combination of low power consumption and high performance. This application note describes the potential fuel-saving benefits of using a high performing/ultra-low power hardware platform. It also explains how hardware integration and silicon process technology enable Intel to dramatically reduce the power consumption of its processors–and therefore fuel usage in next generation cars.

Read how to improve energy efficiency with the Intel® Atom™ processor.

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