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2016-2017 Intel IT Annual Performance Report

Intel IT plays a pivotal role in providing the solutions and services that are accelerating Intel’s digital transformation. This report describes how we are transforming the way Intel’s businesses run and grow, increasing workforce productivity and experiences, delivering operational excellence, and promoting an engaged and innovative workforce—all executed against a backdrop of increased cybersecurity awareness.

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Social Collaboration and Mobile Computing

PC Health and Performance

Intel IT developed a proactive problem-management that has reduced BSOD errors by 60 percent, reduced unexpected shutdowns by 40 percent, and reduced application hangs by 75 percent, while also creating a foundation for our future transition to more advanced data analytics and predictive maintenance.

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Driver and Firmware Maintenance

Intel IT has developed a Gold Standard configuration for drivers and firmware, using a clearly defined process based on specific criteria that balances the need to upgrade a platform against the disruption it might cause. We have increased our success rate to more than 90 percent while improving user experience.

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Cut Factory Costs with Remote PC Management

The Intel® vPro™ platform provides visibility, manageability, and remote configuration for headless PCs.

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Big Data, Analytics, and IoT

Increase Product Quality with Machine Learning

At Intel, we implemented a robust Industrial IoT solution with machine learning to predict wafer quality and yield with detailed data that allows us to track tool performance.

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Driving Manufacturing with Advanced Data Analytics

Integrated manufacturing data and advanced analytics help Intel IT improve yield and time to market in Intel's factories. Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers cut IoT data processing time by half.

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AI Improves Sales Coverage

Intel IT developed Sales Assist, the first of several initiatives built on our Sales AI platform, to collect and analyze data from multiple sources. These sources include websites, internal sales data, and social media.

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Cloud and Data Center Solutions

Increase Business Velocity with Enterprise DBaaS

To increase business velocity and cost efficiency, Intel IT deployed DBaaS capabilities on Intel’s enterprise infrastructure.

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Intel IT’s Cloud Strategy

As part of Intel IT's transformation, they have launched a three-year initiative to transform their multicloud strategy to be focused on the business and support fast, agile application development.

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Increasing EDA Throughput

Intel IT tests the Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8168 processor to see how it improves EDA throughput compared to a server based on a 64-bit Intel® Xeon® processor with a single core.

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Enterprise Security

Securing SaaS

SaaS applications and services are increasing as they can provide efficiency and agility, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration especially with suppliers and customers. However, they can pose security issues. Intel IT developed several best practices that can help an enterprise minimize risk in the cloud.

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IT’s Security Strategy

Intel IT is developing a beyond-the-edge security strategy that will enhance security in our environment. This new strategy addresses several drawbacks with today's approach to security.

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Guide to Insider Threats

There is a lot of info out there about information security – but much of it is so abstract that it’s hard to put to use. In contrast, the Insider Threat Field Guide is a practical and comprehensive guide for protecting the enterprise against all forms of insider threat.

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IT Leadership

Balancing Security and Business Needs

Intel IT Chief Information Security Officer Brent Conran discusses how, as technologies become smarter and more connected, the threat surface that we all must defend is expanding at an unprecedented speed. Cybersecurity is absolutely a top priority in boardrooms across every industry. How do we strike the right balance between security and the needs of the business?

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Intel’s New CIO Discusses Our IT Transformation

As Intel IT releases their 2016-2017 IT Annual Performance Report, Paula Tolliver Intel vice president and chief information officer discuss what drove her to join Intel, the future she sees for Information Technology and her plans to accelerate the pace of business through IT innovation.

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Data Center Design Is Key

Shesha Krishnapura, Intel IT chief technology officer, discusses how Intel IT has used design best practices to convert two wafer-fabrication facilities into high-density data centers with extreme energy efficiency.

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