Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions provide high-efficiency power management for FPGAs and SoCs. These robust, easy-to-use products meet your most stringent power requirements—all in a small footprint.

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Focus on your overall design (not the mechanics of powering it) with Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

Intel Enpirion power system-on-chip (PowerSoC) products combine advanced technologies—such as high-frequency silicon design, magnetics, and packaging—into a turnkey product. Unlike discrete power products, Intel Enpirion products give designers complete power systems that are fully simulated, characterized, and production qualified. 

Together, Intel® FPGAs and Intel Enpirion power products deliver an optimal system solution that has:

  • High system efficiency with low power consumption and less heat
  • High integration in a small footprint for maximum power density and a fast, low risk design cycle
  • Low component count and high reliability

Additionally, Intel Enpirion products are fully validated, improving your time to market and minimizing board spins.


Combining Performance and Streamlined Design

High Frequency IC Technology

Built on LDMOS technology and IP that enables a small solution size while maintaining high efficiency

Digital Communication and Control

Allows designers to build more flexible, intelligent, optimized systems that are programmed to the system's unique needs and integrate system health monitoring

Magnetics Engineering

Leading-edge material and construction techniques optimize inductors for performance, manufacturability, and size

Power Packaging and Construction

Unique, advanced packaging and closed loop testing provides a true power management system

DC-DC System Engineering

Integration and fully validated designs accelerate time to revenue while reducing development cost and risk

What's New

EZ6301Q1| EZ6303Q1: Highly-Integrated Multi-Output PowerSoCs

The EZ6301QI and EZ6303QI are highly integrated multi-output PowerSoCs designed to make power design easier.  The EZ6301QI has a single 1.5A DC-DC switching converter output and two 300mA low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator outputs.  The EZ6303QI has a single 2.2A DC-DC switching converter output and two 300mA LDO outputs. These multi-output devices deliver excellent power density and provide the designer with the flexibility to switch one for the other without having to spin the PCB if their power requirements change.  The EZ6301QI and EZ6303QI outputs are independent, which enables one multi-output PowerSoC to replace three separate power converter devices.  Reducing the number of separate power converters in a system can dramatically improve system level reliability.

Key features include:

  • Increased power density
    • Excellent conversion efficiency up to 96%
    • Optimized total solution size of 120mm2
  • Pin and PCB compatible
  • 1.5% output voltage accuracy over line, load, and temperature for each output
  • Independent input voltages and programmable output voltages
  • Independent output enables and power OK
  • Precision enable for sequencing
  • Programmable soft-start (DC-DC)
  • Output voltage pre-bias startup protection for smooth monotonic startup
  • Thermal, over-current, short circuit, and under-voltage protections

Learn more about the EZ6301QI PowerSoC and EZ6303QI PowerSoC.

EN6340 | EN6363: Footprint-Compatible 4A/6A Highly Integrated PowerSoC Step-Down Converters

The EN6340QI and EN6363QI PowerSoCs are full featured power management products optimized to deliver excellent conversion efficiency, low output voltage ripple, fast load transient response, and tight output voltage accuracy – all within a tiny total solution size of only 60mm2. The EN6340QI and EN6363QI are pin- and PCB-compatible, which offers designers the flexibility to scale up to the EN6363QI (6A) if more current is needed, or scale down to the EN6340QI (4A) for lower power needs and to lower cost.  Both solutions deliver the full rated current at 85°C without any thermal derating.

Key features include:

  • Pin compatible, scalable 4A and 6A PowerSoC options
  • Excellent combination of performance and total solution size - only 60 mm2
  • Tight output voltage accuracy and low output voltage ripple
  • Excellent EMI performance - passes CISPR 22 Class B requirements

Learn more about the EN6340QI 4A PowerSoC and EN6363QI 6A PowerSoC.

EN6362 | EN6382: Footprint-Compatible 6A/8A PowerSoC Step-Down Converters

The EN6362 and EN6382 PowerSoCs are scalable solutions that deliver ultra-small solutions without sacrificing performance. Because the EN6362 and EN6382 are pin-compatible, they offer designers the flexibility to optimize for cost if 6A is sufficient for the design, or scale a design if 8A is required. Both the EN6362 and EN6382 offer an incredibly small 160mm2 total solution size, saving valuable PCB space and cost. Like all Intel® Enpirion® PowerSoCs, the EN6362 and EN6382 are designed and manufactured as a complete power system which results in very low failures in time (FIT) rates and dramatically improves system reliability.

Key features include:

  • Pin-compatible, scalable 6A and 8A PowerSoCs options
  • Excellent combination of performance and small solution size - only 160mm2
  • Tight output voltage accuracy and low output ripple
  • Fast load transient performance

Learn more about the EN6362QI 6A PowerSoC and EN6382QI 8A PowerSoC.

EM2120 | EM2130 | EM2140: High-Power Digital PowerSoC Family

The EM2120, EM2130, and EM2140 are a family of pin-compatible 20A, 30A, and 40A fully digital DC-DC step-down converters designed to address growing FPGA and embedded system power challenges. This family of products delivers the power performance, programmability, telemetry, efficiency, and power density needed to get the most out of high-performance embedded systems – with the same simplicity and ease of use that is standard with all Enpirion PowerSoCs.

  • Scalable, pin-compatible 20A, 30A, and 40A PowerSoCs
  • Programmable and intelligent: digital control architecture and PMBus* version 1.2 compatible communication interface with telemetry and system health monitoring
  • Highly efficient with no thermal de-rating
  • <0.5% accuracy and <1% ripple exceed FPGA steady-state power requirements†
  • <3% transient deviation exceeds FPGA dynamic power requirements†
  • Small 360mm2 total solution size

Learn more about the EM21xx family or visit the EM2120xQIEM2130xQI, and EM2140xQI product pages.


Intel® Arria® FPGA or SoC 10 Power Reference Design

Powering Intel Arria® 10 FPGAs and SoCs is made easy with a Power Solution Reference Design featuring Intel Enpirion Power Solutions. Designed and validated by Intel, this design achieves excellent power performance and high overall board power density.

This design delivers:

  • A complete Arria 10 FPGA or SoC power solution, scalable for 20W to 40W Arria 10 FPG or ScC core voltage (VCC) designs
  • ±8.7 mV steady-state VCC accuracy1
  • <±2% VCC deviation during load transient1

Visit the Intel Arria 10 FPGA and SoC Power Reference Design page to download the design schematics and bench validation results.


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