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Universal Serial Bus (USB): Enabling a global ecosystem of interoperable data and charging solutions

For nearly two decades, USB technology has enabled a global market of solutions that allow consumers to transfer data conveniently; connect a broad range of accessories to PCs, mobile devices and consumer electronics; and charge devices easily. The next generation of USB specifications will drive even more innovation and user convenience for data and charging applications.

USB History: Computing’s Most Successful Interface

Describes the history of USB technology and how it solved the initial problems of connecting to PCs.

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SuperSpeed USB and Beyond

Discusses benefits such as greater speed, efficiency, and power, and new application specifications.

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Standards are a critical building block for the technology industry. They enable interoperable solutions, encourage innovation and competition, facilitate trade, provide consumers with more choice and purchase confidence, and contribute to healthy ecosystems with economies of scale. Working with industry partners, Intel has played a significant role in bringing about globally adopted standards such as Ethernet*, USB, and Bluetooth*. Because standards are an important component of Intel’s product and technology development roadmap, Intel participates in hundreds of standards bodies and industry groups around the world. In addition, Intel invests in development of policy approaches for standards development to ensure a reliable worldwide standards infrastructure. Whether you look to the future of cloud computing, Internet of Things, cybersecurity technology or wearable computing, standards are the common tool to bring new innovations to global mass-markets.

Standards and Intel Business

Intel contributes to standards because they are important to our business in many ways: by enabling cross-industry ecosystems, by facilitating interoperable solutions, and by supporting investments in technical innovations.

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Global Standards

The technology industry develops products and services via global supply chains and delivers them to satisfy global markets which expect worldwide interoperability and compatibility. In this environment, voluntary global standards are critical.

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Standards and Patents

Intel supports a balanced approach to including patented technologies in standards that appropriately rewards innovators for their inventions and assures implementers are able to negotiate licenses for those inventions on FRAND terms.

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Case studies on on-going industries or topics Intel® serves.